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Discovering the company’s past, present and future Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. — Italian Branch

October 2019

Natalia Villalobos (pictured below) works for the Italian Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (MEU-IT) in Agrate Brianza, near Milan. She is a Motion Application Engineer in the Factory Automation Division.

Natalia is from Spain. "I’ve been living in Italy since I started studying at the Polytechnic University of Turin. After I finished my master in mechatronics, I joined MEU’s Italian Branch," she said. "Italy and Spain have a lot in common. In both countries, people are so friendly!"

During May 2019, MEU-IT had a corporate event for employees from all its offices across Italy. The aim of the event was to share with them Mitsubishi Electric’s insights into its own past, present and future.

The event consisted of seven meetings, each of which took place at different times at the Agrate Brianza, Rome and Bassano del Grappa offices.

Each meeting had three main parts: speeches by the Branch President and vice president, speeches by Divisional Managers, and a screening of "The Essence of Our Philosophy", a short corporate video produced by Mitsubishi Electric’s Head Office in Tokyo and for all its employees the world over.

Natalia attended one of the meetings.

"The event represented the Italian branch’s commitment to sharing with us Mitsubishi Electric’s mission, values and performance of the previous year. Thanks to the speeches, we now know the company’s financial results at global, European and local levels. We now know the company’s business objectives for the coming months and beyond. And we now know how the skills of many talented people at the company led to good results once again," she said. "And thanks to the video, we now know Mitsubishi Electric’s mission has remained the same over the past 100 years. The video gave us a great opportunity to retrace the company’s history and values."

So, what is her favorite memory from the event?

"Oh, I have a lot. I was happy to have a chance to find out what’s happening in the company. The Branch President expressed his gratitude to us all for our commitment and the good results we’d achieved. And his presence reminded me that I work as part of a big company. Separately, we are individuals. But together, we are one! We are a team! I’m proud to be working here," Natalia said with a friendly smile.

MEU-IT’s Agrate Brianza office.

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